Marketing Zone is a family owned business in Hertfordshire and I had the pleasure of working at their company between 2008-2011 as head of digital design. The owners shared so much joy and enthusiasm to the team it reflected in their clients work. This was one of the key reasons for the rebrand, as their personal brand was friendly / approachable and their current business brand did not reflect this. Their new logo was designed to show energy and invite you to enter their zone while having fun growing your business. The strategy was to keep the website looking unique, young at heart and fun throughout using illustrations. I was very pleased to be given the task of drawing/designing these and building the pages based on the new brand guidelines that were clear and a pleasure to follow.
A selection of my illustrations below were used in their website, and in their social media pages.  All The illustrations are drawn using Adobe Illustrator and animated gifs are Photoshop creations. The style of illustrations were also used in their social media and information pages.
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